Boys Junior Full Sole Ballet Shoes

Boys Junior Full Sole Ballet Shoes


Perfect for our Male junior ballet dancers, these full sole black leather ballet shoes are to be worn by our Male Pre-Primary and Male Primary Ballet students (before transitioning into black split-sole shoes when they are in Grade 1 Ballet and upwards.)

Made from soft graded leather with a pleated toe, full suede sole, drawstrings and they come with attached elastics. Please note: Ballet shoes must fit closely to the foot, for safety and to retain maximum flexibility.


IMPORTANT: Please order your regular UK Street Shoe Size, we will then do any converting into dance shoe sizes before we place your order. If you have any questions regarding uniform, please contact us before ordering. 


Available in the following UK children's sizes:

(please contact us if you need smaller or larger sizes)

- Size 7

- Size 8

- Size 8.5 

- Size 9

- Size 9.5

- Size 10

- Size 10.5

- Size 11

- Size 11.5

- Size 12

- Size 12.5

- Size 13

- Size 13.5

- Adult Size 1

- Adult Size 1.5 

- Adut Size 2

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